visual effects

LUXX FILM bring your visions to life. Looking convincingly real. Future cities, historic sites, overwhelming landscapes, fantastic scenarios enhanced with fire, wind or water effects bustling with digital crowds and animated creatures. We love to add unique flavor and special atmosphere to your next Project.
Independence Day 2
“It was impossible to shoot plates for that,” said Roland Emmerich, “so I said, ‘Let’s do it in CG.’ And, this small company in Germany, Luxx, took on the task and did incredible work. When it comes to these kinds of movie images, what I’ve learned is to go boldly ahead.”
Roland Emmerich
Director, in CINEFEX Issue 134


Animation is an art of itself. Creating living Characters with emotions and a soul is similar to the play of an actor. In Animation you can tell every story you like without the boundaries of an realistic image.


Production starts with an idea. First there is a script, then you need a financing structure and distribution partners. LUXX Film helps to bring your movies to reality, with its experience in film packaging and film funding as Producer and Co Producer.

We do not only feature movies. With Hollywood quality background experience, we take care of your advertising images with the same amount of passion and precision.